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The TCU Advertising Association is affiliated with the nationwide recognized professional organization American Advertising Federation. By affiliating our association with the AAF we seek to help students prepare for graduation by enhancing their resumes and interview skills, introduce them to professional, give students the ability to network, and teach them about the jobs available in the industry.


There is a Fort Worth chapter of AAF, AAF-Fort Worth, and a Dallas chapter, the Dallas Ad League, which members can attend at a discounted rate. For more information on the AAF visit their website at


The dues are $70 for the entire school year. These dues will cover all expenses for the events, any food offered, field trips, etc. The $70 also includes membership in the national chapter of AAF.


We are leaders on campus, we are future advertisers of America, and we are students who are passionate about all things advertising, public relations, graphic design, and marketing. Eager to learn, driven to succeed, and in awe of all things ad, we are the TCU Advertising Association. 

TCU Advertising Association

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